John Derian ✕ Lavenham

John Derian ✕ Lavenham

A collaboration with DECOUPAGE artist John Derian, who has a store in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York.

Lavenham's classic stripe, THORNHAM, is carefully embroidered. In addition, the double name label on the back neck of both brands exudes a high-quality atmosphere that is common to both brands, adding color to this special collaboration.

"John Derian"

Founded John Derian Company Inc. in New York in 1989.

I create my works using a technique called DECOUPAGE. It is handmade in a studio in New York, and there are also craftsmen on staff who support production.

Fascinated by antique prints from the 18th and 19th centuries, he creates glass dishes, trays, bowls, and other decorative household items.

In addition to decoupage products, since 2009 he has been creating all kinds of works, including ephemera, ceramics, and furniture, which are sold at his retail store in Manhattan's East Village.