CURRENTAGE ‘23 Autumn / Winter

CURRENTAGE '23 Autumn / Winter

“Vividly Emotion”

My first trip across the ocean in 3 years.

From France to Switzerland, we traveled overland to Germany, touring Bauhaus buildings, and then to Berlin. Texture and color, air and smell.

Passion and impulse, discipline and freedom, history and today. People you meet and pass by. Everything is not shown through a screen, but in a vivid and emotional way.

Those memories and sensations were not organized according to the itinerary and were brought back in a cluttered state.

Things that moved you deeply during your trip, and things that you will appreciate over time.

The chaotic feeling of having a slight fever immediately after returning to Japan found its own place in daily life in Tokyo, becoming amplified and repeated.

The '23 Autumn/Winter collection was created by capturing those real experiences and sensations.