After working at PRADA, MIU MIU, and LOUIS VITTON, the label was started in 2019 by Andreas Steiner based in PARIS.

Designer Andreas is from South Tyrol, a region located in the eastern part of the Alps, between Austria and northern Italy.He draws on the know-how cultivated over centuries by artisans in the eastern part of the Alps, as well as an elegant yet functional aesthetic. It combines a unique vision.

RIER's designs reflect the traditions, crafts, nature, lifestyle and inherited aesthetics of South Tyrol, where Andreas grew up. By contextualizing South Tyrol's indigenous fabrics, style, and craftsmanship to contemporary cityscapes like Paris, the designers elegantly articulate a new definition of luxury, creating timeless aesthetics, durability, and functionality. We value things that are rooted in sexuality. We present a genderless collection that is based on the characteristics of the South Tyrol region and incorporates the lifestyle of modern urban life.

Our store has started handling RIER from this season.

The region near the Alps that stretches from Austria to Italy is collectively called the Tyrol region.

The most eye-catching items in the collection are the floral print items.
Floral patterns are traditional patterns from the Tyrol region and have been used as costume decorations since ancient times. One of its characteristics is that the flowers embroidered differ from village to village.

Floral patterns have a feminine image, but tracing back to the history of Tyrol, only men could wear them.
RIER dares to offer unisex products without any gender restrictions.

The fabric used is loden wool.
This is a compressed wool material that originated in the Austrian village of Rodens.
The material is waterproof, durable, stain resistant, and environmentally friendly.

While respecting the classic and traditional culture of the Tyrolean region, we have updated the fabrics, silhouettes, piping, and other parts to give them a modern feel, expressing our unique world view through the RIER filter.