Recommended gift collection 23aw"mens"


Regular price ¥198,000

A utility jacket with floral embroidery inherited from traditional costumes of the Alps.

Made of felted compressed wool. Made from 100% virgin wool.
It has both firmness and softness, and is lightweight. It is a material with excellent quality that is waterproof, breathable, and resistant to stains and dirt.

Make it a great gift for yourself.


Regular price ¥115,500

VINCENT JALBERT is a French brand that started in 2003.

The collection is based on antique materials and is entirely made in Paris. We use military tent fabric, duffel bags, linen, lace, and parachute fabric, and the embroidery and crochet are purchased at Paris flea markets.

The outer material of this vest is antique wool flannel, and the lining is dyed with vintage French Army parachutes.


Regular price ¥60,500

This is a custom-made sweater from LOCALERS, commissioned by Corgi.

The knitting method is different between the front and back.
The front part and sleeves are made of bubble knit with a textured feel, and the back part is made of herringbone knit.
The thread is a mix of black and charcoal.

It is unisex so it can be used by both men and women. Please give it as a gift to yourself.

TUKI "0168 s/s wide work corduroy / OD"

Regular price ¥57,200

These corduroy pants are short in length and have a wide silhouette.

Made of heavy corduroy with 8 wale ridges. Wale refers to the number of ridges between 1cm.
Although it is heavy, it is made of high quality materials and has an elegant finish.

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