Date: 5/4(thu)-5/6(sat)
*Designer's store days [5/4 (thu) 13:00-16:00]

Business hours : 12:00-18:00

1-2 Uenohashicho, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture

*The event has ended.

You can choose and order your favorite items, including this season's COLLECTION. Items in stock are available for immediate sale.
On the first day of the event, May 4th (thu) from 13:00 to 16:00, designer Reimi Takahashi will be at the store.
Please come and visit us at this precious opportunity.


R.ALAGAN's eternal theme is jewelry that is both sensual and has universal beauty that transcends time.
We are creating a new realm of jewelry by incorporating various essences with designer Reimi Takahashi's aesthetic sense and sense of balance.


2023 S/S will be engraved in our hearts,
"ENGRAVE" was given the title of digging into it and carving it into one's heart.
The source of inspiration for this project was a bronze shovel used in funeral ceremonies that the artist and architect Morie Nishimura took me to a museum.
Things I want to offer when I say my last goodbye: the jade necklace engraved with a deity that my grandmother in Taiwan always wore, the hairpin that my grandmother used to decorate her hair in Japan, and the one in my grandfather's room. A classic table lamp.
I want to go back to my childhood, trace the faint memories, and revive them in the present age, so I made necklaces and earrings with engraved messages.
A gift for someone special.
What you want to wear until your last day.


On a very hot day in early summer, I decided to go to the museum because I wanted to show the artist and architect Morie Nishimura. After eating, we arrived at the museum while talking about each other's recent situation.

Looking at ancient pottery and tools, this is amazing! I wondered how they made it, and while I was astonished at the quality of Kodaijin's production and chatted with them, Mr. Nishimura finally pointed at me and said, "This is it." There was a bronze shovel.

It was described as a funerary ceremonial shoe from the Korean Peninsula, made in the 5th to 6th century Kofun period, and discovered in the 20th century, but the one on display was an imitation. Therefore, it was polished without deterioration such as dirt and discoloration, and it was shining gold.

It is shaped like an Arabian shoe, has a tortoiseshell pattern, and has spikes and struts, perhaps because of the thoughtfulness with which it can walk steadily on its way to heaven. I thought it was wonderful that they cared for the deceased, so I decided to create a collection of things that I would like to offer together when I say my last goodbye.

When I think about this and that, for some reason my thoughts suddenly stop in my childhood,
The scenery in my head changes to a beige mist or a golden light pointing to it.

I came up with the idea of reviving the jade necklace carved into the gods that my Taiwanese grandmother always wore in the present day with glass.
I asked Mr. Osogawa, an artist.
Mr. Osogawa has a very good intuition.
A beautiful piece of jewelry with perfect form and color was born in an instant.

I commissioned Mr. Kamishiro, a glass sculptor, to create a classic table lamp that was in my grandfather's room. We believe that the modern and lyrical design will be completed and will brighten up your room and life.

The kanzashi (hairpins) that were used to decorate the hair tied up by Japanese grandmothers are lacquered and plated to make them look like they have been sprayed with gold light.
By adding fine scratches, it has a nostalgic yet new appearance like ancient jewelry.

The jewelry engraved with the words I cherish may look a little different for Lalagan, but when you wear it in combination, it's very adorable.
It was completed by repeating fine corrections from the font and balance to the scratch and mill position.

In the shooting, I asked Violetta from Argentina, who fell in love at first sight with her beautiful body, to participate in the shoot.

When hair stylist KENSHIN styled her curly hair straight, Violetta looked like her muse, Pina Bausch.
The clothes of REVERBERATE, who kindly cooperated with us, are designed for men, but they look really cool even when worn by women. prize.

KENSHIN gave Violetta a little bit of red on her bare skin, and the look was breathtaking.
Mr. Matsubara, who uses colored glass and freely manipulates light, seemed to have a red soul on his back.
I added graffiti, and I think it's become something a little newer.

I am encouraged by your eloquent words, but I also want to live without being bound by words.
I would like to cherish the feelings that remain after chewing and digesting the given words.
It's a gift for someone important to you, and I think it would be my happiest wish if I could create something that I would want to wear until my last day.

September 26, 2022
R.ALAGAN Designer Reimi Takahashi