There are five inks and six colors
In gray gradation of Japanese ink painting.
Five inks are,
Jiao, Dark, Light, Dry and Wet
And six colors are
Black, White, Dry, Wet, Dark, Light
It expresses the sense of color, texture, weight and distance using only black ink.
The blank areas daringly unpainted can be changed in any way in the viewer's imagination. I ponder, gray may be the color of tolerance.
Eileen Gray's architecture, which has removed the boundary between nature and architecture, I feel the same kind of consideration for people.
Gender, Language, Race
A world where all boundaries are blurred
Is difficult but at the same time is full of tenderness.

The gray gradation that looks like five inks and six colors in ink painting is made of five inks: charcoal, dark, light, dry, wet, and six colors: black and white, dry and wet, dark and light.
The margins, which are not intentionally drawn to express colors, textures, weight, and even a sense of distance, can be changed in any way according to the imagination of the viewer.
I think gray may be a color that allows others.
Eileen Gray's architecture, which removes the boundaries between nature and architecture, also shows a similar kindness to people.
In a world where the boundaries of gender, language, and race are becoming ambiguous, I feel that it is both difficult and full of kindness.