PHOTOCOPIEU 23AW collection is now on sale.
A lookbook was released accordingly.

Please take a look.


From the sympathy of the supple and strong women I met in Paris, the photocopy wear that coexists with a feminine silhouette and a strong appearance was born.

While the superficial ornaments are cleanly carved, the transitional lines created by the warmth of the hands, and the organic form that reveals and hides the female body, make both the wearer and the viewer feel the heat of emotion.
Everyday wear that pursues comfort and a striking silhouette that blends into everyday life will gradually become a necessary tool for life that embodies the personality of the individual.

Misa Takeuchi After working as a corporate designer for four years in Tokyo, she moved to France after winning an award at the Kobe Fashion Contest.
After graduating from Paris Sandica and gaining experience in design at Isabelle Marant and Véronique Roi,
In 2019 Fall/Winter, he established his own brand, Photocopy.