This time, as an attempt to capture the charm of "folk art" from a design perspective by NOMA td, a special collaboration item with So Sakamoto, who is active in Onta, a sacred place for pottery in the mountains of Hita City, Oita Prefecture. Let me introduce you.

Currently, there are nine Ontayaki kilns, and since the kiln opened around 1705, it has been produced by three families: the Kuroki family, the Yanase family, and the Sakamoto family. All of them are a shared brand called "Ontayaki", and we do not put personal names on the vessels.

Among them, the one that arrived this time was made by the pottery Sakamoto Kogama "Sakamoto Sou". Mr. Hajime Sakamoto is the son of Mr. Kou Sakamoto, a potter.

At Sakamoto Kougama, the ash and soil that are the raw materials for the glaze are locally produced, and the pottery is made from natural raw materials without using chemical raw materials.

The charm of Sakamoto Kougama is the modern construction that gives a sense of something new while retaining the traditional parts such as the flying plane that is characteristic of Ontayaki.

Shapes and patterns that make you feel simple and warm.
On top of that, NOMA td designed patterns such as arrows, spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the past, the present, and the east and west are applied, making it a more modern piece.