STORY mfg. was born from a more authentic and fulfilling approach to fashion, pursuing beauty without sacrificing the environment. We are a brand based in London, UK, designed and managed by just two people, Katy and Bobbin.

"Positive Products"

The most environmentally friendly way to live is to consume less, so we make all our products to last. We also work to use biodegradable materials in all our products, from fabrics to trims, that enrich the soil when discarded. In addition to this, we now strive to find ways to create useful and beautiful things from materials such as ocean and other waste materials.

Finally, what is most important to us is creating "positive products" that not only do no harm, but benefit the planet and everyone they touch in some way.

"Slow Made"

Our tagline "Slow.Made" highlights a production process that has a lot of high technology, emotion and time. The emphasis on non-chemical processes means a focus on natural pigments.

We use earth-friendly vegetable dyes wherever possible, with nutrient-rich fertilizer by-products, and only use chemical dyes when we're using deadstock or recycled fabrics.