The theme this time is I'm old fashion

"I'm Old Fashioned" composed by jazz songwriter Jerome Kern, who was said to be the first American composer, continued from last season.

It is a masterpiece that has been covered by many artists as a standard tune in jazz.

This collection is based on saxophonist Pepper adams and pianist Dave brubeck who covered "I'm Old Fashioned".

--Dave Brubeck

December 6, 1920 - December 5, 2012 Pianist from Concord, California. He is regarded as a representative pianist of West Coast jazz.

Some of his works have unique time signatures, such as 5/4. His signature song, "Take Five," composed by his longtime musical partner, saxophonist Paul Desmond, has become a jazz standard.

--Pepper Adams

October 8, 1930 - September 10, 1986 Jazz baritone saxophonist. Born in Highland Park, Michigan, USA.

Representative works include his own leader album "10 to 4 at the 5 spot".

One of the original members of the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra, he was the longest-serving founding member of the band apart from founders Thad Jones and Mel Lewis.