Gorsch the merry coachman "Collection #11 2nd SUZUKI MORIHISA"

-Gorsch the merry coachman-

The story of an apprentice tailor named Gauche. One day, I found an old treadle sewing machine, some tailoring tools, and three jackets in the attic.

Ghosh learns that his late grandfather was a tailor. He envisioned his grandfather's work, which turned into admiration, and he began to follow the same path.

Although his skills are still immature, he not only improves his tailoring skills, but also moves to various foreign countries, experiences different cultures, and works hard to create things that are typical of Gauche.

Thinking back to his hometown, he hopes that one day people from various countries can enjoy "Gorsch" by making things there, and he is honing his skills every day in a corner of the world. .