Designer: Gabriela Coll

Spain-based brand by female designer Gabriella Cole.

Develop a “series” as a collection that is not bound by seasonal divisions. Emphasizing style and values, her collection consists of men's and women's pieces, bags, accessories and footwear.
Each series is an embodiment of a virtual object, and there are no rules for the pieces to be developed. There are also pieces that are permanently and repeatedly deployed.

Gabriella, who has two cultural backgrounds, Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, is the source of inspiration for this design. We create unique clothing that is minimal yet has a strong personality.

In addition, like the original culture of the southern region, we develop creations that are not bound by the image of summer or winter. Pursuing a universal wardrobe with the image of aging with clothes by layering.
Items are hand-made in the Gabriella Cole Garments studio or in local factories. We are making things that make you feel the craftsmanship that takes care of the production process.