FOOTWORKS is a specialty store that produces custom-made insoles.

Sandals have been released since last season.

We will release men's and women's sizes this season as well.


Legs that support people.
By arranging the condition of the most important part, FOOTWORKS works hard to improve the lives of many people through custom-made insoles.
Since insoles are used in daily life, we will thoroughly create insoles that are rooted in your lifestyle.
We support everything from walking lectures to improving habits so that you can feel the effects more.

What is a custom-made insole?
It is a tool that corrects and adjusts the way the customer puts their weight on their feet, which has been soaked in for many years.
Posture is the root of all problems.
What determines your posture is how you put your weight on your feet.
We fix the way you put your weight on it, fix your posture, and fix all kinds of troubles from the cause.

(Excerpt from FOOTWORKS official website)


Takeshi Mori

Presides over FOOTWORKS, a store specializing in custom-made insoles.
Having Koichi Mori, a leading figure in the production of insoles in Japan, as his father, he has been interested in correcting the center of gravity and the importance of walking since childhood.
After graduating from university, he studied abroad in Germany, a country with advanced foot care, for two years to deepen his knowledge about insoles.

After returning to Japan, he opened FOOTWORKS. Together with insole production, we are also focusing on lectures on more effective walking. It has a wide range of customers, from people with physical problems to athletes who want to improve their performance.


Correct the center of gravity by wearing. FOOTWORKS sandals are designed to improve chronic conditions such as swelling, stiff shoulders, and lower back pain by adjusting the distortion of the body and guiding the correct way to walk.

An extremely simple sandal completed with an approach of scraping off useless things and textures that you don't like.It has a slightly higher Vibram sole, and is made of leather with a shape that supports the three arches of the sole, including the arch of the foot. It has an insole. The height of the heel is also characteristic.

The heel is about 1.5 cm higher than the toe, and this slope creates a moderate forward leaning posture, creating a feeling of grasping the ground with your fingertips.

As a result, the twisting of muscles and joints is eliminated, making it easier to put your feet out straight, improving your posture and walking.

The upper uses Italian "GUIDI" leather, which is also available in our store.

Tighten the ankle nylon tape and wear it in just the right size.

About sales method

We will only sell in-store.

There are products listed, but they are all sold, so if you have any questions about the number of items in stock, please feel free to contact us from the CONTACT below.

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