ABOUT "FilMelange"

The name FilMelange comes from the meaning of "mixed color (Melange) thread (Fil)".
It is a heathered yarn that has long been used for T-shirts and sweatshirts.

This is a carefully crafted product made by artisans worthy of being called Japanese masters, using carefully selected natural materials in the colors of "everyday life" that are unpretentious, look good on anyone, and are loved across the ages. The fabric is soft, light, and beautiful, woven from the colors.

FilMelange is thoroughly in-house developed, from the selection of the raw material "cotton" to "yarn", "fabric" and "sewing". In addition, we are committed to manufacturing in Japan and are also working on training future craftsmen in our own factory.
We would be delighted if our products, which we have made with great care, could be put into your hands and give you the joy of wearing them.

FilMelange × LOCALERS

We have specially ordered a cut and sew item as part of our 10th anniversary project.

The fabric is newly knitted and the colours are chosen from scratch to create original cut and sew fabric.

Fine yarn made from organic cotton from India is triple twisted and then knitted in plain stitch to achieve the appropriate stitch count.

The result is a material with a neat and beautiful weave, soft yet solid. It is knitted using a custom-made machine to bring out the texture and natural luster of the yarn.

We have also specified all the size patterns here. We offer a wide range of sizes, 4, 5, and 6, so that you can wear it alone or as an inner layer.