COMOLI 24SS has started arriving.

The ONLINE STORE release date will be from 0:00 on Friday, January 19th, only if there is stock.
The following product numbers are now in stock.

・Komori shirt・Cotton fleece crew neck

Komori shirt / SIZE: 2,3,4,5 / NAVY

The Komori shirt is a standard item. Starting this season, size 5 will be available. This season seems to be moving especially quickly due to demand for additional purchases and replacements.

The dimensions of each size have also changed.
Please be careful when purchasing a replacement.

《Shoulder Width, Sleeve Length, Length, Width》

Cotton fleece crew neck / SIZE: 3,4 / FADE BLACK

This is also a classic sweat crew neck. Starting this season, the fabric has been changed to a fabric that is not loop knit.

That's all for this arrival.

Sales at the ONLINE STORE will be posted at 0:00 on Friday, January 19th only if there is stock.

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