We would like to introduce the COMOLI 24 Spring/Summer 7th DELIVERY, which went on sale today.

The release date on the ONLINE STORE will be from 0:00 on Friday, April 19th, but only if there is stock.

The following items are currently in stock.

・Wool jacket ・Wool knee-tuck pants ・Cotton drill work jacket ・Cotton drill all-in-one ・Cotton drill knee-tuck pants ・Yori-mote work shirt ・Linen double-cross pullover shirt ・Linen double-cross drawstring pants

Wool jacket / SIZE: 2,3,6 / STRIPE,CHARCOAL

This classic jacket style has been made from wool for the first time.
Available in a wide range of sizes up to size 6.

Wool knee-tuck pants / SIZE: 1, 2, 3 / STRIPE, CHARCOAL

The wool knee-tuck pants are a continuing item. Starting this season, the size has become larger, giving them a powerful volume.

Cotton drill work jacket / SIZE: 2,3,4 / FADE BLUE

This work jacket is made of cotton drill, which has been available since last year. This season, the size has been changed to a larger size. The drill fabric has been processed to look worn with some fuzz remaining.

Cotton drill all-in-one / SIZE: 2 / FADE BLUE

An all-in-one made from the same fabric as the jacket above.
The all-in FADE BLUE look gives a fresh impression.

Cotton drill knee-tuck pants / SIZE: 1,2 / FADE BLUE

These pants go hand in hand with the above jacket.
A set-up is nice, but this season we recommend pairing it with a white or dark colored top.

Yorimoku work shirt / SIZE: 2,3 / GRAY

The fabric is a thin and soft texture, like that of vintage clothing. The shape is a new type of work shirt. The hem is deep and rounded, giving it a design that allows for easy movement.

Linen W Cross Pullover Shirt / SIZE: 2,3 / BLACK

The fluffy, expressive fabric is folded into napped shapes, giving it a nice texture. The color fades with repeated washing, giving it a more vintage feel.

Linen W Cross Drawstring Pants / SIZE: 1,2 / BLACK

Drawstring pants made from the same fabric as above.
The shape is the same as the previous model. The knee width has been increased from last year, giving the silhouette a more voluminous look. The hem is elastic.

That's all for today's shipment.

The release date on the ONLINE STORE will be from 0:00 on Friday, April 19th, but only if there is stock.

*Product pages will also be published at the time of release.