Our Statement
French vintage has originality enough to be called an "art piece". Fabrics that cannot be expressed with modern technology, and details that modern glasses have lost in exchange for efficiency. At that time, each frame was rare and it is very difficult to obtain the same one.

There aren't many vintage eyewear specialty stores in Japan. When it comes to stores that handle "dead stock only", the number is even more limited.

Masashi Yamamura, owner of "SPEAKEASY" and Kazuki Yanagihara, owner of "Fréquence.", are two of the few French vintage experts who have discovered and introduced a wide variety of frames to Japan.

The two are also co-authors and publishers. Frames from the 1940s and 1950s, when French vintage had a strong presence and boasted the highest quality in the world, were compiled into one volume and released to the world as the book "FrameFrance".

While French vintage shows a rich expression that can never be exhausted, it is a finite resource that will eventually run out as the same thing cannot be manufactured. guépard was born to reproduce the world view of French vintage with modern technology and convey it to as many people as possible.