This time, LOCALERS will hold an order event titled Gorsch | We will arrange samples of 2024SS and accept individual orders.

On August 11th and 12th, Mr. Suzuki, the designer, will be in the store all day and you can order while listening to the explanation directly.

The theme of Gorsch Saison #12 is -Grape farmer-. Created with the theme of Mr. Sasaki, who runs a grape farm in Shiwa District, Iwate Prefecture.

On the first day of the event (August 11th), you can enjoy wine and grape juice ( domaine Hasipa ) made from grapes grown by Mr. Sasaki.
In addition, we will prepare special food for wine bar Koti , who has been indebted to us on a daily basis.
Please come and visit us.

[Gorsch | the merry coachman PRE ORDER EXHIBITION at LOCALERS]

Saison #12-Grape farmer-
・Jo Sasaki
・Kanako Sasaki

Date: August 11th (Friday/holiday) to August 13th (Sunday)
*Designer Mr. Suzuki will be in the store only on the 11th.
Hours: 12:00-18:00 (12:00-20:00 only on the 11th)
Location: LOCALERS
1-2 Uenohashicho, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture

*When placing an order, a deposit of ¥11,000 (tax-in) will be required for each item.
*Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or returns of ordered products due to customer's convenience.
*The delivery date of the ordered product is scheduled to be around January to April 2024 (depending on the item), but please understand that it may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.


The story of a tailor apprentice named Gauche.
One day I found an old treadle sewing machine, tailoring tools, and three jackets in the attic.
Gauche learns that his late grandfather was a tailor.
I envisioned my grandfather's work style, and it turned into an admiration, and I started walking on the same path.
Although his skills are still inexperienced, he not only improves his tailoring skills, but also moves to various foreign countries, comes into contact with different cultures, and strives to create Gauche-like products as he feels.
Thinking back to his hometown, he hopes that someday people from all over the world will be able to enjoy "Gorsch" through the craftsmanship of his hometown. .

This is a story of Gorsch who is training to become a tailor.One day Gorsch comes across an old treadle machine, some tailoring instruments, and three garments in the attic. He finds out they used to belong to his grandfather who was a tailor.
Gorsch, holding these precious objects in his hand, pictures how his grandfather had once crafted garments. Soon imagination turns into admiration, and Gorsch decides to follow his grandfather's footsteps.
Although novice in skill, his process incorporates traditional tailoring techniques with personal experiences and lessons learned from traveling around the world.
Carrying some nostalgia for his hometown wherever he goes, still he dreams to share his stories with people everywhere through creating unique garments.
To achieve his dream, he continues to refine his craft today, in his small studio room somewhere in the corner of this world.