The theme of GORSCH 2023SS is the hometown of Mr. Suzuki, the designer, and was produced with a focus on Morihisa Suzuki Studio, a long-established Nambu Tekki ironware representative craft in Iwate Prefecture, where our shop is located.

Suzuki Morihisa Studio is a workshop with a long history that has continued since 1625. It has been passed down for 15 generations to date, and next year it will be passed on to the 16th generation Morihisa Suzuki.

The design is based on photos related to iron manufacturing in a book about German industrial production sites, photos of Nanbu ironware, and ideas that came up through interacting with the workshop workers.

See below for the lookbook.


"Italian Collar Short Sleeve Shirt / Cotton Linen Slab Cloth"

The theme of this season is Morihisa Suzuki Koubou, a long-established Nambu ironware shop. Along with that, I was also inspired by a photo of the iron manufacturing in a book about the industrial production site in Germany where the designer Mr. Suzuki used to live.

This was created with work wear in mind, so I think the design source is a photo of a German iron manufacturer.

The stitching is double on the front edge, collar, and armholes.

Threads are unified in all colors, especially black, so you can enjoy stitch work more. Also, the light cream color has the color name “URUSHI”. It must have been inspired by the lacquer used to make Nambu Tekki.

By lowering the neckline, it is slightly larger. The space around the chest is slightly open, so I wear a tank top inside when shooting, but if you don't mind, you can wear it on bare skin in the middle of summer.

In addition, the hem is characteristic. The curve from the front to the back is strong, and the silhouette from the side is impressive.

"Square Collar Solid Shirt / Cotton Linen Slab cloth"

Based on a vintage French grandpa shirt, this design incorporates workwear elements.

As in workwear and denim jackets, the front body is switched around the chest and the stitching is double.

Threads are unified in all colors, especially black, so you can enjoy stitch work more. We use the same material as the Italian collar shirt above.

Vintage grandpa shirts often have pullovers and tucks in the center. This time it has a front opening, but it has a tuck as an accent.

The collar is distinctive, and it is a small square shape on the back side.

The side pockets are designed to look like they are connected from the back. From the large pocket, you can imagine that an iron craftsman puts tools etc.