Mame Kurogouchi 2023 Pre Fall Collection

The Mame Kurogouchi 2023 Pre Fall Collection will develop a collection centered on monotone, rich in memories of traveling to the ancient city of Arles, which stands on the banks of the Rhone River in the Provence region of southern France.

The Romanesque architecture and ancient Roman ruins that symbolize this city are common in white buildings made of sandy limestone, and the limestone strata exposed right next to them reveal ancient memories, and many artists have been captivated. Biodiversity made possible by rich nature. The dazzling days of early summer in Arles are inspired by the coexistence of the various whites of the limestone that characterize the city, from raw to gray, milky to pure white, suggesting countless new journeys ahead. It will be reborn as a new wardrobe full of possibilities like a blank canvas.

Coats, jackets, and bustiers are decorated with splendid quilted embroidery of flowers, reminiscent of the traditional embroidery technique of Provence in the south of France. Produced by using luxurious materials. Silk batting, which has been used in Japan since ancient times, is light and has excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties. bring it to everyday life.

Memories of the vivid flowers that I saw in Arles are sublimated into detailed and colorful embroidery, giving a dignified tranquility and strength to the vaguely nuanced collection that makes you think of a daydream. . Silk dresses and open-collar shirts reveal tone-on-tone embroidery as if they were given life when the body enters.

This season, his unique eye for textures scooped from everyday life is further reduced to micro units. The abstract scenery created by chance as the powder of limestone fluttering in the streets of Arles adheres to the skin and clothes, and influences the texture of various pieces. The nidom-processed fabric with a slippery texture becomes a bold overshirt that is reminiscent of a large-sized men's shirt with a detailed pattern design. "Design of attitude" is presented.

The trousers, which have a number of radial tucks that create a symbolic shadow around the waist, use a cotton material that has undergone a process called Omi bleaching, and a triacetate setup that reproduces the color and touch of hemp. Along with these, its dry texture will make you feel comfortable from the end of summer to autumn.

Wide trousers, which are consistently offered throughout the collection, also embody the relaxing mood of the south of France, while forming a silhouette with feminine strength in this collection covered with delicate cuts and motifs.

A new suede material has been added to the elegant heel with an elegant cut that symbolizes the brand, and the low-heeled pumps with egg heels that colored the runway of the Spring / Summer 2023 collection will also be lined up as a new standard piece from this collection. .