Mizusawa Down 2023FW

Mizusawa down. It is the source of All Terrain. Even within Descente, it is unparalleled that a single piece of clothing has created a category. This high-performance down jacket, which combines advanced technology in a conspicuous and simple appearance, was produced at the Descente Apparel Mizusawa Factory [Former Mizusawa City, Iwate Prefecture (now Oshu City), which has an integrated production system for down wear, which is rare even in Japan. )] was born from the special technology and accumulated know-how.

Since its birth in 2008, Mizusawa Down, which bears the name of the factory, has offered functionality that sets it apart from conventional down jackets, and continues to evolve with the support of fans around the world.

Release date: Released sequentially from Friday, August 25

Our store arrival product number ・MIZUSAWA BIG MOUNTAINEER ¥132,000-
(Color: BK, GRAZ, KHST)

(Color: BK, ORDS)