The stock of COMOLI 23AW has started.

The standard long-sleeved T-shirt arrived in this 1st DELIVERY.

Kubo Tenjiku long-sleeved T-shirt Color: WHITE, BLACK
Size: 2,3,4

A long-sleeved T-shirt made using COMOLI's standard fabric, Kubo tenjiku.

Air is included between the fibers, making it a soft and dry fabric.
Is it an image like a VINTAGE American-made T-shirt?

It has been released before, but this is the first time it has been released in autumn and winter.

The silhouette is slightly tight.
If you want to wear it loosely by itself, we recommend ordering one size up.

Wearing model 172cm SIZE: 3 wearing

This season, you can wear it alone, and in the coming autumn and winter, you can use it as an inner layer all year round.

By the time you realize it, it's a popular item that's already sold out. Please come early.

The online store will start selling from 0:00 on Friday, August 4th.