We would like to introduce COMOLI 23 Fall/Winter LAST DELIVERY.

The ONLINE STORE release date will be from 0:00 on Friday, December 15th, only if the item is in stock.

The following product numbers are now in stock.

・Sheepskin puff jacket ・Down jacket

[Sold out] Sheepskin puff jacket / SIZE: 2 / BLACK

A leather jacket based on the design of padded jackets like those offered by outdoor brands. The material is sheepskin.

*Due to the characteristics of leather, the color may fade due to sun exposure. Please store it in a place where it is not exposed to strong light such as sunlight or lighting. In addition, there is a risk of color fading or color transfer due to friction. Please note.

Down jacket / SIZE: 1,3 / BLACK

The jacket version of the down vest that arrived in the last delivery has arrived.
This is also a continuation item from 22AW.

The lightweight, water-repellent nylon fabric is made with 800-fill down, which is light and has good puffiness.

It is designed to be stored small, so it will be useful when traveling or business trips.

It looks like things will move quickly this time, so please come early.

*Please be careful when attaching and detaching the snap buttons as the nylon fabric is thin.

Shoulder width: 54.0cm, Sleeve length: 59.0cm, Length: 68.0cm, Width: 68.0cm

Shoulder width: 56.5cm, Sleeve length: 64.0cm, Length: 70.0cm, Width: 72.5cm

(Male model: 172cm / wearing size: 3)
(Female model: 160cm / wearing size: 1)

That's all for this arrival.

Sales at the ONLINE STORE will be posted at 0:00 on Friday, December 15th only if there is stock.

*The product page will also be published at the time of release.