We would like to introduce COMOLI 23 Fall/Winter 9th DELIVERY.
(8th DELIVERY was not in stock at our store.)

The ONLINE STORE release date will be Friday, November 24th from 0:00.

The following product numbers are now in stock.

・Down vest ・Sheep grain leather coat ・Refined wool double jacket ・Refined wool drawstring pants ・W/C/Si long sleeve crew ・Cotton hanging lining crew neck ・Cotton hanging lining pants

Down vest / SIZE: 1,3 / BLACK

The 800 fill nylon down vest was popular last year as well.
It's also water repellent, so you can wear it regardless of the weather.
It's lightweight and compact when stored, so it's perfect for traveling.

Sheep grain leather coat / SIZE: 2 / BROWN

This coat is made from soft, grainy sheepskin leather.
The shape is loose and you can wear it inside during the coming cold season.
In addition, the lining is quilted with thin batting, making it excellent for cold weather.
The collar boa can also be removed.

Refined wool double jacket / SIZE: 2,3 / CHARCOAL

This is a double jacket made of the same refined wool as last year.
This season's pattern is a striped pattern made of extremely thin lines called hairlines.

Refined wool drawstring pants / SIZE: 2,3 / CHARCOAL

These easy pants are made from the same refined wool fabric as the double jacket above. Please set it up.

W/C/Si long sleeve crew / SIZE:2,3 / CHARCOAL

Luxury sweat crew neck made from wool, cotton and silk.
The use of wool on the outer material gives it a more elegant impression.

Cotton hanging fleece crew neck / SIZE: 2,3,4 / BLACK

The fabric has been updated to be thicker than last year. The silhouette has not changed and is a loose fit that is typical of COMOLI.

Cotton hanging fleece pants / SIZE: 1,2 / BLACK

Sweatpants made of the same fabric as the crew neck above. This is also a relaxed style that is typical of COMOLI. We also recommend wearing it as a set with a sweat crew neck made of the same fabric.

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