We would like to introduce the COMOLI 23 Autumn/Winter 3rd DELIVERY that is on sale today.

The ONLINE STORE will be on sale from 00:00 on Friday, September 1st.

This time, we received the following product numbers.

・Cashmere silk jacket

・Cashmere silk drawstring pants

・Summer Wool Long Sleeve Crew

Cashmere silk jacket / SIZE: 2,3 / CHARCOAL

It is a jacket that uses luxurious cashmere silk that has been developed since the previous year.

Both cashmere and silk are soft to the touch and have firmness.
It is comfortable to wear and has a relaxed silhouette that is typical of COMOLI jackets. You can wear it loosely like a cardigan.

*Although it is the same color as the previous year, the color has been changed.

Cashmere silk drawstring pants / SIZE: 2,3 / CHARCOAL

Easy pants made of the same fabric as the jacket above. You can wear it as a set.
It is also loose fitting and has a large waist. Tighten the string and wear it.

It can be worn comfortably, so it can be used for a long period of time from autumn to winter and early spring.

Summer wool long sleeve crew / SIZE: 3,4 / CHARCOAL

It is a summer wool long T-shirt that arrived in spring and summer and was well received. In spring and summer, it is also available as a short-sleeved pocket T-shirt.

This one like a long T and a thin knit. The fabric has a strong texture and is soft to the touch.
Light and quick drying. In addition, since it is wool, it is easy to remove even if it has an unpleasant smell. Washable (hand wash recommended).

It has a relaxed silhouette, so you can create an atmosphere even by itself, and it is a versatile item that can be used as an inner layer in winter.

That's all for today's arrival.
Available in stores from today.

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