We would like to introduce the COMOLI 23 Autumn/Winter 2nd DELIVERY that is on sale today.

The ONLINE STORE will be on sale from 00:00 on Friday, August 18th.

This time, we received the following product numbers.

・Product dyed jacket (BLACK)
・Product dyed drawstring pants (BLACK)
・Denim work jacket (BLACK)
・Denim belted pants (BLACK)
・Komori shirt (NAVY)
・Football T-shirt (BLACK)

Product dyed jacket / SIZE: 2,3 / BLACK

This is the setup for product dyeing. There was development such as navy, but black is the first arrival this time.

The width is wide and the length is slightly short.

The fabric is a little stiff at first, but softens with repeated washings. The color also fades, so you can enjoy the unique change of product dyeing.

Product dyed drawstring pants / SIZE: 2,3 / BLACK

These are the pants that will be under the jacket above.
The pants are also loose enough to balance the jacket.

It has been continuously developed as a single piece of pants for several seasons, and is becoming a standard. We recommend wearing it as a set-up, but it is also recommended to wear it roughly with a T-shirt during this hot season.

Denim work jacket / SIZE: 1,2,3,4 / BLACK

Denim belted pants / SIZE: 1,2,3,4 / BLACK

A classic denim series. This season, our store will only be available in BLACK. You can wear it in your usual size, but you can also go one size up or down to enjoy different sizes.

Komori shirt / SIZE: 2,3,4 / NAVY

The Komori shirt is developed with a focus on navy. Demand for replacement and additional purchases is increasing. Please hurry.

Football T-shirt / SIZE: 1,2,3 / FADE BLACK

A football TEE that is seasonless and in demand among COMOLI's cut and sewn items. The point is the design that gives off an atmosphere even when worn alone.

This season, we will focus on black, which is particularly popular.
There are only a few white ones left, but they are in stock, so please match them.

That's all for today's arrival.
Available in stores from today.

Only products that are in stock will be posted on the ONLINE STORE at 0:00 on Friday, August 18th.
* The product page will also be released at the time of release.